June 16, 2012 Family Rice Farm Fun Day

entrance to the Family Rice Farm

June 16, 2012

Fun day at the

Family Rice Farm, Oroville, Ca.


Thanks to all who came and shared the day. The pizza toppings where the best. A big thank you to our judges Robin and Terry Burchett. The Mystery Treasure hunt ended up being a joint effort, but I think Karen Corriea and Kim Morris contributed the most in solving the puzzle.




Stuff to bring: We have some shade, but shade and X-pen for your hounds would be great. Toppings for the Pizza Lunch (Cheese, meats, fruits of your choice). Any special drinks you may want to share. Shoes to walk in.  Chair. Mosquito repellent for you and hounds (sorry there will be some flying critters).


Come join us for a day of activities and fun.

1. We will have two rings of conformation with two judges to evaluate your pooch. Terry and Robin Burchett are the judges.

2. We will have one ring for showmanship. This ring is to evaluate the skill of the handler in presenting a dog to the judge.

3. We are offering the Great Hidden Treasure Hunt. Try to solve the mystery by finding clues and solving puzzles along a walking route.

4. Try your luck dog art. I will be showing and assisting you on how to create a dog figurine out of paper Mache.

5. Photo contest. Those of you who bring digital cameras can take pictures of the day’s event and of the hounds; we will display the pictures on the computer at end of day and will be judged.

6. Hound carnival: We will be offering several games for you and your hounds to try, such as: bowling for hotdogs, Godzilla, collar toss, and more.

The Family Rice Farm has a creek down one length that you and your hounds are welcome to use. This time of year the mosquitoes are present, so bring some repellant for you and your dog.

Lunch is what I like to call a Pizza roast. Each person brings some topping for a pizza. We will assemble and cook for lunch. The pizza dough and sauce is provided.

People are welcome to come up the day before and camp out with their RV’s or/and stay Saturday night. We have water, and enough electricity to charge your batteries and run your lights for your RV. If you want to run your air conditioner you will have to run your generator. We also have a full bath with shower available for the event.

People who stay overnight will be offered movie night.

The cost for the event is $10.00 per person for all activities.

RV camping is $10.00 per night Tent camping is $5.00 per night.

All Payment are made day of event.

Located 1¼ mile West off of Hwy 99 just North of Gridley.

493 Nelson Shippee rd

Oroville, ca. 95965


Frank Christian



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