About the Club

Banner that says Northern California Irish Wolfhound Club

The Northern California Irish Wolfhound Club was founded on May 1, 1985. The purpose of the Club is delineated in the Articles of Incorporation as follows: 

(a) to encourage and promote the breeding of pure-bred Irish Wolfhounds and to do all possible to bring their natural qualities to perfection; 

(b) to urge members and breeders to accept the standard of the breed as approved by The American Kennel Club as the only standard of excellence by which Irish Wolfhounds shall be judged; 

(c) to do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of the breed by encouraging sportsmanlike competition at dog shows and obedience trials (and field trials); 

(d) to conduct sanctioned and licensed specialty shows and obedience trials (and field trials) under the rules of The American Kennel Club; 

(e) to seek cooperative action among members, owners, breeders, and exhibitors of Irish Wolfhounds in advancing the welfare of the breed and to cooperate with other breed clubs and associations in advancing the welfare of pure-bred dogs generally.   

NCIWC achieves these goals by providing events and education to promote the well-being of the Irish Wolfhound.  To this purpose, we encourage members and guests to contact any of the Board of Directors listed on this site if you have any questions.

Board meetings are held four times per year. An annual general membership meeting is held in June each year.  Members and guests are invited to attend; however, only board members may vote on business.