Howliday Party Dillon Beach 2024

Dillon Beach - New Year's Day

There is a saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words."  These pictures of New Year's Day at Dillon Beach proves it!!!  The weather was perfect!

I received a call two days before our scheduled event, stating that "our site” was okay, BUT the parking lot had been completely under water since the surge of HUGE waves and was like quicksand so we would have to park at the other end of the lot.  I sent an email to the group letting them know. I drove out early on New Year’s to check out the situation.  Our site was indeed okay, but the sand had been a bit rearranged from the waves!

People began arriving with their very happy hounds and we had a great turnout.  We were able to set up a row of chairs and enjoy watching the gorgeous surf.  A cement wall appeared that we had never seen before.  

Ian and Laurie Rutherford, visitors from Canada, joined us with their 3 Wolfhounds.  Laurie was even the lucky winner of the biggest container of biscuits.  We had Pupcakes for the dogs, gourmet salads and desserts, and of course, Al's famous barbequed hot dogs!!  We toasted in 2024 with Mimosas.  

To say it was a perfect day is an understatement.  It was MAGICAL.

 Carol Gabriel :-)