Monterey Beach Walk 2024

Everywhere we went people commented on our hounds, asked questions and took pictures!

Thank you to those who helped make this event happen:

John Paz and Al Lum for driving support vehicles. 

Lynne Rosebrock for her talk on manners. 

Cindy Steele for her presentation on the AKC FIT program, and for sticking around to sign forms! 

Kim Chabraya for the beautiful certificates.

 And a very special thanks to everyone who joined us for this event:

Ken and Kim Chabraya with Kashmere and Guinevere;

Frank and Mary Mesa with Bailey and Bryn;

Andy Peterson and Carla Martinez with Amos and Lilly;

Don and Cecilia DaRosa and their 3 daughters with Odin and Vixen;

Cindy Steele with Keeva and Elsa;

Emily and Tyler Casterson with Geralt;

Al Lum and Junko Ishihara with Jack; 

Lynne Rosebrock,  Robin, McKenna and Owen McInerney and Branton Ball with Indie, Kieran and Katie; 

Donna and John Guenther with Laird;

Sidney and Tony Thompson with Londo;

Anne and Kenny Searcy with Aura and Aram; 

Belinda and Brian Huynh with Mugi;

Noreen and Seamus O'More with Millie;

Morgan Agostini - looking forward to your puppy, soon;

John and Kay Paz with Ezy.

See you again next year at the Monterey Walk!

Kay Paz