2024 Events

Greetings Lure Course and Racing Fans! This  section is where you will find photos of the two events held this year. Enjoy!

March 2, AFSA and March 3 AKC

ASFA (3/2)


BOB - Remi Hicks


Bailey Mesa

AKC (3/3)


BOB - Remi Hicks

KUDOS to Cindy Steele and Junko Ishihara for chairing such an incredibly successful Coursing weekend! Mother Nature did NOT cooperate, but that didn’t stop anyone from having a great time running their dogs! Renting a UHaul Truck, to use for an office, was the best idea ever. 

Saturday Report -  Rain, Wind, Cold.  Hurried to the finish line and no Pot Luck lunch! BUT, happy dogs .🥰

Sunday Report -  All pictures taken.  The SUN started to come up on the way.  Yippee!

Good entry.  Cindy gave crowd instructions.  Our Judges, along with some Whippet folks, were extremely helpful and answered any questions we had.  After all these years, I learned more about measuring Whippets .

We are ready !!

Tallyho!  Release the Hounds!

We did have a couple of downpours but, compared to Saturday, was no big deal.

We had JC and QC entrants, some of whom earned their green Qualifier Ribbon.  Always a thrill to see the excitement of a beginner. 

Pot Luck lunch was delicious; quite a nice variety of food enjoyed by lots of hungry folks.

Allyson Hicks’ girl, Remi, won BOB both days.  Very exciting. Veteran Bailey Mesa ran well and earned points.   The other Wolfhound entrants had a lot of fun !  They’ll earn points next time . 

My little Rickey had fun sort of chasing the lure. Terry taught him to hunt, not chase!

BIF both days was our esteemed Judge, Jayme Jones, Pharoah Hound.

Thanks to all the Club Volunteers who pitched in and helped to make this a very memorable weekend.  We received So MANY compliments!!   NCIWC is the best.