Large Gazehound Racing Association (LGRA) is a 200 yard race on a straight, flat track chasing a lure that makes squawking noises. It is a race for Sighthounds.

There are three programs with heats made up of a maximum of four dogs. All dogs must run with properly fitted racing muzzles and race blankets.

Irish Wolfhounds are hand-slipped from the starting line. Smaller breed hounds are released from racing boxes.

Hounds are graded according to previous racing experience or using the LGRA “WAVE”, a weighted average of the dog’s last three race meets.

Winners earn points towards the Gazehound Racing Champion title (12 GRC points). While working towards this title, the hound also earns points towards the Superior Gazehound Racing Champion title (30 NRC points).

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What is LGRA?


FastCAT is a 100 yard straight run following a lure.  It is non-competitive sport, clocking the hound's time, converting that to MPH, which becomes a score (points).  Dogs must be at least 1 year old.  FastCAT is a great introduction to coursing and is open to all breeds of dogs.  

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Fast CAT – American Kennel Club

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