Monterey Walk

Late January and early February the weather in Monterey is usually  the best, with clear skies and cool temperatures. We walk along the water front path with terrific views of the bay and much wildlife. Of course the trail is busy with lots of people, many of who want to great our magnificent hounds. At one end of our route we stop for lunch at a Pub that has an outside screened porch area that is set up just for our hounds and us to have a yummy meal.


This is a fun event for you and your dog(s).  You will be strolling along raised walkways overlooking the scenic Monterey Bay. Lunch will be available for purchase at the London Bridge Pub. (and yes, the dogs are invited too!)  

DATE:  Saturday, January 21, 2023



STARTING POINT:  London Bridge Pub, 256 Figueroa St., Monterey

LUNCH:  We will begin with lunch at the London  Bridge Pub.  

The Pub will reserve the outdoor patio for us from opening (11am) until 11:45.  After that, it will be open to the public

CONTACT: Kay Paz  408-670-4476 

After lunch, the plan is to walk from the Fisherman’s Wharf parking lot, to Lover’s Point and back. This (hopefully) will give those who choose to not walk the whole route the option of walking a shorter distance. 

The Fisherman’s Wharf parking lot has 2 sections. One, closer to the London Bridge Pub, you have to “buy” time from the kiosk, and put the receipt in the window.  The 2nd section, closer to Fisherman’s Wharf, you take a ticket at the entrance, and then pay when you leave.  

Please remember to bring water and poop bags for your dog!! 

We should have at least one support vehicle with bottled water to meet us at several points along the route, and in case of emergency.

Please call me to let me know if you are planning to join us, so I can give the Pub and approximate head count. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone in beautiful Monterey!!

Click here for pictures from past walks