Annual Holiday Party/Dillon Beach Walk

The annual holiday party is held each January 1 at Dillon Beach.  Members bring their hounds for an exhilarating walk on the beach and then enjoy a potluck lunch.  There’s no better way to start the year than by spending time with your hounds and friends.

To say January 1st, 2023 was a Miracle is an understatement !!  After days of RECORD breaking rain and wind, the sun was shining brightly  as 25 families and their Hounds celebrated New Year’s Day at Dillon Beach !!!
As always, Hot Dogs were scrumptious, served with an assortment of salads, chips/dips, desserts, and other incredible side dishes !  Pupcakes for the Dogs, Mimosas for the Adults.  
Breathtaking walks along the shore where the dogs can run off leash.  They LOVE it !!  There are so many family dogs enjoying the day, and the Wolfhounds greet them eagerly.  It is fantastic to watch !
Ally won the Container of Biscuits, guessing the exact amount of 125.  Peggy won the Box of Chocolates, guessing the exact amount of 40.  Good job, Ladies. 
This was the perfect way to Ring in the New Year !!
Wish you ALL lived closer.  🙂    HAPPY NEW YEAR !!
Carol (Gabriel)

Dillon Beach 1/1/2021