Remembering the Past


As Wolfhound fanciers, we have come together over many years to enjoy events with our beloved dogs and their human families. 

Here, we honor those memories with photos, brief anecdotes, and an In-Memoriam section for people and dogs that have passed. The postings in this section are submitted to the NCIWC club by our members and is voluntary.


The NCIWC and the wolfhound community lost a beloved long-time member on October 10, 2022 when Terry Burchett of Tory IW passed away.  Terry left behind his beloved wife of many years, Robin, and his two wolfhounds Jada and Rain.  Terry was an incredibly hard-working knowledgeable wolfhound breeder, owner and protector of the breed.  He ran the lure for NCIWC and  many other clubs, ASFA and AKC.  He and Robin bred and co-bred many conformation and lure champions, including Blaze, who was the only IW to be inducted into the ASFA Hall of Fame.  Also, Terry’s beloved Tyler who was number 2 in the nation in 2019.  To say Terry will be missed is a huge understatement.  Rest in peace, Terry.

Terry Burchett