St. Patrick’s Day Parade San Francisco




SATURDAY, MARCH 14th 2020 @10:30 AM

The Northern California Irish Wolfhound Club (NCIWC) has been invited to participate in the San Francisco St. Patrick’s Day Parade sponsored by the United Irish Societies of San Francisco. It has been a long tradition for the NCIWC to participate in this parade and we urge all that are able, to join us for this outstanding celebration. The parade will take us mostly down Market Street where our Irish Wolfhounds are always greeted enthusiastically. For those who have not attended a parade in the past, there will be several times when the parade stops along the route. This is a great opportunity for well socialized Wolfhounds to visit the crowd and make new friends. However, please break off from visiting when the parade starts moving again.  It is necessary for us to stay together as a unit and NOT delay other parade units behind us. There are several sections of Market St. that are covered with metal grating.  Please use caution in these areas and walk your Wolfhounds around the grates. Serious injury is possible by walking hounds over the grates!

This event is open to NCIWC members and their invited guests. NO IRISH WOLFHOUND WILL BE ALLOWED TO PATICPATE IN THE NCIWC PARADE UNIT UNLESS THE OWNER IS A MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING OF THE NCIWC. At check-in all members and guests will be required to submit a signed waiver of liability for parade participation. If you prefer, please sign, scan and return the waiver by email. Download the waiver by clicking here:  NCIWC Waiver St Pats Parade 2020. Participants will gather on 2nd St. at 10:30 a.m., one hour prior to the parade start time for registration and required check-in. A more specific location on 2nd street will be announced once assigned. Watch for updates on the NCIWC website on Facebook and by email.

Please be sure to wear GREEN or attire reflecting Irish heritage. We must remember that we are invited guests and should honor both our hounds and the United Irish Societies of San Francisco in their request for attire suitable for an Irish celebration.  CELTIC attire or other traditional clothing is always welcome but certainly not required.  Although club members are always on hand to support one another the health and well-being of both you and your hound is a personal responsibility! You should plan to be prepared for weather, proper hydration and clean-up. Good walking shoes are a must!

The parade ends at Civic Center Plaza. The judge’s reviewing stand is located across from City Hall.  It is at this point where we really turn on the Irish Wolfhound charm and impress the judges with a “snake” maneuver (zig-zagging line of hounds) for review. Parade participants will be given specific instructions of how to line up to perform this maneuver so don’t worry if you aren’t quite sure what this actually looks like.  We request that only one person per hound participate in the “snake”!  Once we reach Civic Center Plaza and make the final left turn toward the judge’s reviewing stand everyone not holding a leash with a Irish Wolfhound attached will be asked to separate from the “snake” and travel along the crowd barriers on the City Hall side of the reviewing area.

Please let us know if you plan to attend and include the number of hounds and guests.  We would appreciate your notice of intent to attend by TUESDAY, MARCH 10TH,2020.

Last year our unit was awarded a handsome cash prize. LET’S DO IT AGAIN AND LET’S HAVE FUN!

Tom and Inga Bourdon

If you have questions please call or email.

707.864.0567 (subj: St. Patrick’s Day Parade)

This is a club-sanctioned event that you must be a member in good standing to participate.