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NCIWC is dedicated to promote the continued well being and preservation of the Irish Wolfhounds by example, and education. NCIWC  sponsors many activities for this purpose. The activities range from shows and matches, to backpacking and public venues such as Celtic fairs and Parades.

Club meetings are held six times per year. Meetings are open for all club members.

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20th Annual Celtic Festival

September 30 to October 2, 2016

Nevada County Fairgrounds

Grass Valley, CA

NCIWC has again been invited to appear at this festival as an exhibition of the Great Celtic Hounds of Antiquity. Bring your well socialized Irish Wolfhound(s) for a weekend of fun and frivolity ! Click here for more information

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Oisin logo 2 2016

Tee shirts and sweatshirts with this year’s show  logo, shown above, are available    Click here for NCIWC-2016-specialty-logo-pre-order information

Click here for Judging-program

A Slight oops on the Judging program.

From the Show Chairman:  I could have sworn that the I had asked to have the Friday judging start at 9 AM, but apparently I missed the fact that the judging schedule said 8.  We are notifying the obedience and rally exhibitors and the judge, that judging WILL begin at 9.  Remember that there will be traffic congestion at 8 AM with the school drop offs.

Click here for the premium list

For those who want to enter AKC or ASFA  lure coursing at our show click on the links below.

NCIWC ASFA 10,07,16 Spec Lure Trial PL2

NCIWC ASFA  entry Form 10,07,16

NCIWC AKC  Specialty Lure Trial 10 09 2016

NCIWC AKC Specialty Entry 2016

Friday, October 7, 2016 10:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.
Beverly C. Wilson Hall
Charge: $60.00 for the heart study Checks will be made out the the Irish Wolfhound Foundation
(EKG & Auscultation – you will receive the Cardiologist report)
Please let Robin Burchett know by September 21, 2016 if you are interested.
Contact Robin at (925) 689-9765 or E-mail:

For those who are interested, below is the heart study form.

Heart – IWF info form

About the heart study.

A landmark study following 1,000 Irish Wolfhounds. This study has been ongoing since April of 2000. There is a high incidence (over 30% of all wolfhounds has some abnormality by age 6) of unique cardiac problems in the Irish Wolfhound.

This study is designed to identify warnings of early cardiac disease. It will follow the course of cardiac problems in individual dogs to gain insights into the course and prognosis of cardiac disease in the Irish Wolfhound.

The health questionnaire returned yearly for each dog in the study also provides information on longevity and other health concerns for the breed. This study involves 5 veterinary cardiologists to interpret the EKGs and data.

This study requires a large number of dogs to participate for their entire life-time but will provide the framework for future investigations into heart disease in our breed.


Conformation judges: Pluis Davern  &  Tom Powers

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12-06-14 CUE 012 (3)


The Gathering of the CU

Toro park Salinas, California

Saturday December 3, 2016

A fun day to be with our puppy hounds .

More info is on its way.

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Ferndale Fun

IMG_5482 IMG_5460

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Emigrant Backpacking 2016

DSCF4595 DSCF4561It was as always, a terrific time.

Sincerely: Falkor, the luck dragon (trail name)

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Hi: A montage video of the Irish Wolfhound Backpacking adventures sponsored by NCIWC is available. Click here for video

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  Candid picture of the Month

 This is for you; any club member. Add some photos in the candid section of you and your hounds; like these samples: Just upload to the web team by clicking here.





14 years young





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