Grass Valley Celtic Faire October 1-2, 2011

The weather was perfect for our hounds; cool and no wind. I thought the crowds were less this year, but our Irish Wolfhounds were in demand by the public, especially by young children. Our Hounds were up to the task of receiving affection and praise with the occasional goodie for the two days of the fair. Some of us camped on site and had the good fortune to listen to the music at the main stage in the evening; draped with Wolfhounds of course. As is the norm, the food at the fair was great with Meat pies and home made ice cream; you can’t get better than that!


Trinity getting a hug

We had a terrific bunch of hounds this year; all did well with the public, we can all be proud of how they impressed all the people at the Celtic fair.

There are more pictures in the photo gallery.


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