Green Island Lake backpacking Labor day holiday 2011

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Hiking in to Green Island Lake

This year found Green Island lake and the other two lakes sharing the valley to be extra full do to the late spring and extra heavy snow fall. Everything was still green, with lots of wild flowers in bloom. Fishing was a bit more of a challenge this year, but we did manage to catch enough for two fish fries.

Branden using the raft to fish Green Island Lake

 It took us less than a hour to hike in, the younger IW’s taking especial care to use all water holes and mud patches to play in and get refreshed. We had the lake mostly to ourselves. We got our drinking and cooking water at the natural spring by the lake. The water coming out of the mountain was icy cold. I want to thank all who went and made this trip a lot of fun.


Sitting around the camp fire after dinner

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