Dillon Beach New Years Fun Day 1-1-2017

Dillon Beach New Years Fun Day 1-1-2017

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Arrive around 10:30 AM.  We get there earlier to get our spot.  Shouldn’t be a problem on a cold January day.
It will be a pot luck.  I will make sure someone will bring a BBQ for hot dogs, or ???   We always get plenty of food.
The gate fee is $8.00.  Then, just go to the right and people will see us down at the end. 

Dillon beach map

If the weather is just too dreadful,  we will come to Carol Gabriel’s home.  That has only happened once in all these years.  Since this is supposed to be a really rainy year, it may happen again.  People can call Carol Gabriel if they have questions.   707-794-8998.

Hugs,  Carol Gabriel
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