20th Annual Celtic Festival September 30 to October 2, 2016

20th Annual Celtic Festival

September 30 to October 2, 2016

Nevada County Fairgrounds

Grass Valley

Northern California

NCIWC has again been invited to appear at this festival as an exhibition of the Great Celtic Hounds of Antiquity.

Bring your well socialized Irish Wolfhound(s) for a weekend of fun and frivolity !

Dressing-up in period costume is definitely encouraged, so if you ever wanted to be a lady-in-waiting, a country squire or “just” a peasant with his or her hound(s) by your side, then this is most definitely for you …

We’ll supply the event insurance, some tents and two electric fans (in case it’s very hot) and you bring your seats, x-pens and tents, etc if you have them – for safety, please apply an upper limit of two Irish Wolfhounds per adult.

You can come, as some do, for all four days (Thursday to Sunday) or one or two days only.  The tents will be set up on Thursday, late afternoon.


I will need to know who is going to attend – THERE IS A FORMAL GATE LIST.

When you arrive, enter at Gate 2 and check in initially with the Fairgrounds at a small kiosk on the righthand side of the driveway, for your RV / tent location.

The NCIWC Gate List will be at the Grounds Entertainment check-in at Gate # 5

If you are not on that gate list, then your hound will be denied entry (none but service dogs are normally allowed on site).  It is better that you place your name on the list and not be able to come (if so, please inform me asap), than to be denied entry.  Send names and days of staying to Chris Thompson at :     truebrit@napanet.net    or at     PO Box 166, Pope Valley, CA 94567.

Anyone on the NCIWC gate list will have free in & out access to the festival site, though the regular parking fees will have to be paid.  On-site parking of RVs, Trailers, Tents, etc must be arranged directly with the Fairgrounds through the event website.  Ask for a site in the “Fairview” section (which is on the hill close by our event set-up).

See :    http://kvmrcelticfestival.org/

Period Celtic costumes are encouraged, but not absolutely required – the area is adjacent to, but set apart from, the living history area. So whatever you do with costumes is great. Throughout the Festival there may be the occasional musket volley or field cannon firing, so be prepared to handle your hound in a firm, though gentle, manner in front of the public. There may be sheep (which are very well contained) horses (sometimes not so very well contained) and various other animals on site, so be sure “Fido” is very well socialised to such things … and of course generally, around crowds of people.  As for the birds of prey (hawks, falcons, chickens [!] and the like) – they are USUALLY tethered but not always, so you’ll need to be especially careful when passing near to them …

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