Club Board meeting April 18, 2014

Saturday, April 18, 2014 at 10:am
Chief Solano Kennel Club
Solano County Fairgrounds at McCormack Pavilion
900 Fairgrounds Drive, Vallejo, Ca.
Roll call at __________by______________
Previous minutes:  m/s to accept minutes by__________________
President Report (Lynne Rosebrock)
Secretary Report (Carla Zayac)
Treasurer Report(Ann Gould):  m/s to accept reports by____________/_______________
2014 Specialty:
     Chair report (Joan Trifeletti)
     Trophies (Dywan Williams)
     Boutique (Cecilia Vasquez/Megan Thompson)
     Lure Course (Robin Burchett)
     Fields & Grounds (Frank Christian)
Activities (Frank Christian)
Bugle (Robin Burchett)
Legislation (Kathy Bowler)
2014 NCIWC AKC/ASFA Lure Coursing (Robin Burchett)
2014 NCIWC Fun Match (Lisa Burr)
Open Field (Ed Powers)
Irish Wolfhound Rescue (Edna Henley)
Website (Frank Christian)
2014 Christmas Party (Frank Christian)
Constitution & Bylaws (Karen Watson) – Electronic notification of membership
Finance (Lori Finucane)
Policy (Robin Burchett)
Website Policy (Chris Thompson)
Nominating Committee (Mary Sharkey)
2014 Gathering of the Cu (Chair Needed)
Election of new members (Robin Burchett)  m/s to accepty by____________/____________
Old Business:
New Business:
     Facebook Policy
     Dues Notice
     Annual General Meeting date and Venue
Brags!  Brags!!   Brags!!!
Adjourned at________________by_____________

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