I would like to invite anyone interested in NCIWC to come to an upcoming club event. It is a pleasure and delight to meet new people and share with them our hounds and interest in the breed. We have club members who are experts on the Irish Wolfhound, and club members who are brand new. We have club members who have many hounds, and club members who live with one. Some of us live in the city, and some on the farm. There is no better way to learn about the breed with this wide variety of experiences to share. That is the purpose of our club: To promote the well being of the Irish Wolfhound through the knowledge of our club members. If you are interested in our club, look at the upcoming events, find one that sounds good and show up. Please call the person in charge of that event for any questions regarding the event.

If you decide becoming a NCIWC member is for you we have few requirements: You don’t have to own a dog, just a love for the Irish Wolfhound, and we require for you to be sponsored by two NCIWC members. Sponsorship makes for a good reason to come and meet us at a few of our events.

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